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Green Summers

Green 1.0 in collaboration with invites all student community to participate and get others involved in "Green Summers".

Objective of Green Summers is to:

  • Create awareness among the youth regarding climate change.
  • Get the youth involved in the mammoth task of fighting global warming
  • Contribute to the environment.

Rules of the Game:

(A) You have to work in a group of 3 and work in one (or more) of the following tasks* during your summer break:

  • Create a working prototype of energy generation using renewable source of energy.
  • Create a working prototype of trapping CO2 waste and using it for productive purposes.
  • Create a recycle plant that can be used in your school for recycling waste paper / plastics / other waste.
  • Create informative charts / posters related to global warming / environment / carbon-credits.
  • Design a solar-cooker.
  • Write a paper on how plastic and electronic wastes going into landfills can be eliminated.
  • Write a paper on how carpooling can be implemented in your school.
  • Write a paper on how to minimize carbon-footprint of your school.
*You can chose any other task that is not listed above as long as it fits into the theme of i) Climate Change; ii) Environment; iii) Green Living; iv) Global Warming

(B) You have to continuously work towards saving electricity, reducing pollution and contribute to the green living. You have to email your success story (minimum one in 15 days) to green-summers[at] Remember: No contribution is small. Even saving of 500 ml of water a day is counted as a contribution.

(C) Email weekly energy-audit of your house. We would appreciate a detailed audit showing your energy / water consumption depending on the usage at your home. A daily analysis of data will tell you where you are using more energy and can minimise that for saving electricity, water and money for your family.


(D) Register: To register your school/team for "Green Summers", email name of your school, name of your team members, your project-guide (a teacher from your school) to green-summers[at]

(E) Results will be decided based on your active participation AND overall positive impact that you brought and can bring to the environment. Results will be communicated to your school administration.

Read about green-living and implement it into your lifestyle.

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