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Recycle everything you can.
Paper, Tin, Cans, Plastic

Turn down the taps
We all have the tendency to turn the water taps at full force whenever we wash our hands or rinse the dishes. In doing so, we use 40-50% more water than needed. By turning the taps down, we can save quite a bit.

Avoid using plastic bags
Plastic bags do not decompose that easy. Encourage using cloth bags or bags made of bio-degradable material. Some shops pack the items in disposable paper bags, instead of plastic. Paper bags are decomposable unlike plastic bags, but they are not necessarily green alternative. A paper bag consumes six times more energy to manufacture than its plastic counterpart.

Take the stairs
So your live on the 3rd floor? Save that elevator a trip up & down. Take the stairs. You can easily make it Not only saves the energy used by the elevator, walking up & down the stairs is proven to be a very good exercise! Needless to say, its good for your heart too! If going up the stairs is difficult, take the stairs on your way down. Its easier than climbing up.

Go the e-Way - Stop paper bills / statements
View & pay your bills online/ Go ahead. Stop those paper bills/statements & subscribe to e-bills. Also, skip the receipt of the ATM. See the balance on the ATM machine.

If your grocery store is nearby & you do not plan to buy a trunk-load of stuff, dont bother to rev up those car engines! Take a walk. Save that petrol.

Turn off modems, when not in use
Why does anybody need the modem ON when nobody's home? Modem continues to consumes electricity even though it is not being used. Turn it on only when needed, just like you would do with the electric stove. That will also extend life of the modem. And unlike a computer, a modem just takes few seconds to turn itself on, anyway!

Switch off the lights
Turn off the lights when you don't need them. Use natural light during day time. Why raise your bills by using tube-lights & lamps during the day? Use the free light. Raise those curtains.

Walk, or cycle to work and save money on gas and parking. Apart from obvious benefits to the environment and saving your money on petrol, the physical part will improve your heart health and reduce the risk of obesity. If you live a far distance from your work, investigate the option of car-pooling.

Bring a Mug to Work
Save waste at work - use a mug or glass for your drinks instead of disposable cups, and encourage your colleagues to do the same.

Use Digital cameras. Some 686 million rolls of film are processed each year and the solutions used the make the prints often contain hazardous chemical that require special treatment and disposal.

If the weather's right, consider giving the treadmill a rest and taking your walking or jogging routine outdoors.

Pass on the knowledge & awareness in your community. Make your kids aware of the environmental issues & help them act responsibly.


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